NANCY RULING: Because I'm older, to be, you know, discarded like that, it really hurts. It devastated me. DOUG FEED: Nancy Ruling [phonetic] says the trouble all began when she didn't take the buyout Newsday was offering its employees five years ago. The longtime copy editor was making what was considered a high salary and says her professional life quickly became miserable. Her attorney says Newsday tried to force her to leave by changing her shift and her duties. LOUIS D. STOBER, JR.: Severe loss in salary had her freelance work banned from Newsday and all of Chicago Tribune's papers. She saw constant harassment on a daily basis. DOUG FEED: This is Newsday's headquarters on Pine Lawn Road in Melville that a lot of Long Islanders drive by everyday. It's also where Nancy Ruling reported to work for more than 20 years. Now in early 2002 when she and other employees were offered Newsday's buyout, she claims she specifically asked her supervisor if she'd be transferred if she did not accept the buyout. She says she was told no. Well, her first day back to work after the buyout offer expired, she says she was transferred - - called a demeaning position. NANCY RULING: Checking the movie listing, the TV listing. I had to check the comics for offensive material. DOUG FEED: Ruling eventually resigned after two years but is now suing the paper, claiming age discrimination and harassment. NANCY RULING: My career is my life. And that life is gone. You know, I'm just devastated that this happened to me. And I don't understand why it happened to me because I was consistently doing a good job. And it is devastating to me. This is what I worked my whole life for. DOUG FEED: In Melville Doug Feed [phonetic], News 12 Long Island.