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Firm's real estate transactions involve overlooked properties

A real estate investment corporation from another state has invested more than $100 million in the New York City area during the past five years. None of the firm's commercial real estate transactions have been record-setting. However, that is exactly what the executives intended.

Real estate transactions during cool months can be beneficial

Although fall and winter can be busy times in New York, they can also be excellent seasons during which to purchase a home. Buying a house is often promoted during the spring and summer seasons, when temperatures are warmer and people are more eager to get outdoors. However, several reasons exist for engaging in real estate transactions when it starts to get cool outside.

Selling mistakes during real estate transactions can be costly

The real estate market in New York and other parts of the country currently appears to be a seller's market. However, when selling a home, becoming too confident in this seller's market may be one's downfall. A few negotiation tactics may end up backfiring for sellers involved in real estate transactions this fall season.

Real estate transactions may involve opulent apartments

The well-known NBA coach, Phil Jackson, recently decided to part ways with his apartment in New York. The apartment he is selling is located in a building that is 132 years old, known as the Osbourne. These types of real estate transactions can be complex to complete in New York but rewarding when executed properly.

Mistakes may harm homebuyers in real estate transactions

Making careless mistakes in life is natural, but sometimes, these mistakes can have major consequences. This is especially true when buying a home. A few tips may help homebuyers to protect their best interests when taking part in residential real estate transactions in New York.

Real estate transactions planned for several New York areas

A number of real estate projects will be coming to the Big Apple in the near future. The biggest one will take place in Brooklyn, whereas other ones will take place in locations including Manhattan, Staten Island and the Bronx. Such real estate transactions can quickly add value to communities in New York in addition to benefiting the bottom lines of the investors or real estate developers involved in them.

Recent real estate transactions involve Amazon, other companies

Some of the commercial leases that were made public last month span a variety of industries and totaled more than 1.2 million square feet, ranging from media and law to government and retail. One of the biggest real estate transactions involving a lease, however, involved Amazon. In fact, the online retailer signed the biggest deal at 5 Manhattan West.

Real estate transactions made easier due to virtual tours

These days, the process of shopping for a house in New York is as easy as the click of a mouse. Thanks to virtual home tours, more homebuyers are able to take part in real estate transactions without ever setting foot in the homes they are interested in buying. Some websites now feature three-dimensional models of homes that are available for sale.

Private real estate transactions can be tricky if agent hired

Home sellers in New York may naturally hire real estate agents to help them to sell their houses, but sometimes agents may end up not being necessary in the end. For instance, perhaps a seller is capable of nabbing a buyer via his or her own efforts -- for instance through social media or word of mouth. A few tips may help with navigating real estate transactions in such a situation.

Tips can help with winning in commercial real estate transactions

In New York, commercial real estate continues to be a competitive industry. Part of the reason for this is an imbalance in the market, with too many purchasers pursuing an insufficient number of available properties. A couple of tips may help buyers to position themselves for success in their real estate transactions.


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