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Wrongful termination is unlawful. But managers often get away with it.

New York is an "at-will" state when it comes to employment. That means an employer can fire you for nearly any reason -- as long as the reason doesn't violate anti-discrimination laws on the city, state or federal levels.

But if you ask around, many people will tell you they've been fired for frivolous or made-up reasons.

Not all overtime disputes wind up in court

When people think of wage disputes or violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), they often imagine that such cases will go to trial where a judge will decide the case.

The thought of a courtroom trial may appeal to people looking for a dramatic sense of justice. Or, it could intimidate people to such an extent that they shy away from calling out potentially unlawful actions. In either case, it is important to understand that many of these cases do not ultimately go to trial.

Should I be receiving overtime?

It's not always easy for people to know if they should be receiving more money than they are getting at work. This is particularly true if you work irregular hours, are unsure of your status as a worker or if the timekeeping records at your job are unreliable.

However, you may be eligible for overtime you are not receiving. In order to get a better idea of whether this may be the case, you should be able to answer a few crucial questions.

DOL: Women, minorities lost $400 million in wage discrimination

Discrimination is a pervasive, troubling issue in every state and industry. And while it is something that workers have experienced for many years, discrimination is a subject that is particularly visible right now.

Recently, for instance, the Department of Labor investigated hiring and compensation practices at Oracle. The case has made national headlines, as the DOL has accused Oracle of discriminatory actions costing female and minority workers about $400 million in wages.

What to know about partition actions

Owning a home in New York can be a lucrative investment. And because property ownership can be at such a premium, not every person who owns real estate in New York is the sole owner of the property.

There are many people who purchase property with a friend or partner, or they -- along with others -- inherit it after someone passes away. In situations like these involving co-owners, problems can arise when one or more owners wish to terminate the arrangement. This can happen through a partition action.

Sexual harassment in the halls of power: New York staffers speak out

It's disturbing, to say the least, any time sexual harassment happens at work or anywhere else. But it's especially pernicious when bosses and other people in positions of power try to wield their power in a sexual way. Do they think they're being subtle? Powerful and intelligent people may think their sexually offensive behavior is somehow permissible, but they're wrong.

These matters will in part be the subject of hearings scheduled for the New York state legislature on Feb. 13. The topic: sexual harassment in state government -- specifically, sexual harassment by state lawmakers.

Sponsor agencies agree to $65.5 million for underpaid au pairs

Quality, affordable childcare can be very difficult to find in New York. As such, many people favor the idea of welcoming an au pair into their home. Au pairs, unlike nannies and other childcare providers, are usually young women who live in foreign countries but have special authorization to work in the U.S. Through the program, they receive room and board from their host families.

However, according to a recent federal court case, sponsor agencies have been facilitating an environment of underpayment and misinformation for roughly 100,000 former au pairs.

What should I do if my employer owes me unpaid overtime?

Proper compensation is something every worker in New York deserves. And whether you are an employee, contractor or another type of worker, you have the right to take action if you are not receiving appropriate wages.

However, many workers do not know what to do if they feel an employer owes them money. In this post, we will briefly explain the steps you can take to collect unpaid wages.

The challenges of finding the right lot for a custom-built home

Finding the right home isn’t always easy. Sometimes, what a buyer is looking for simply isn’t on the market in the region he or she wants to live. One option some individuals turn to when they encounter this problem is to create the home they want by having a custom-built home constructed.

Custom-built homes have been growing in popularity recently. For example, it is estimated that, in 2017, there were 6 percent more custom-built homes constructed than was the case the previous year.

What is a non-recourse loan?

Buying a home or any other piece of real estate is a huge investment for a family or an investor on Long Island. In fact, all but the very wealthiest New York state residents will need to take out some sort of loan to acquire even a modest property. As a result, the vast majority of people will have to take out a mortgage from a bank in order to complete the purchase of a property.

Mortgages are big financial risks both for the borrowers and the financial institutions who provide the funds. For a borrower, they have to make sure that they pay faithfully every time an installment on the loan is due. Otherwise, they may not only lose their property and also face the possibility of getting sued, garnished and the like.


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