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Sponsor agencies agree to $65.5 million for underpaid au pairs

Quality, affordable childcare can be very difficult to find in New York. As such, many people favor the idea of welcoming an au pair into their home. Au pairs, unlike nannies and other childcare providers, are usually young women who live in foreign countries but have special authorization to work in the U.S. Through the program, they receive room and board from their host families.

However, according to a recent federal court case, sponsor agencies have been facilitating an environment of underpayment and misinformation for roughly 100,000 former au pairs.

What should I do if my employer owes me unpaid overtime?

Proper compensation is something every worker in New York deserves. And whether you are an employee, contractor or another type of worker, you have the right to take action if you are not receiving appropriate wages.

However, many workers do not know what to do if they feel an employer owes them money. In this post, we will briefly explain the steps you can take to collect unpaid wages.

The challenges of finding the right lot for a custom-built home

Finding the right home isn’t always easy. Sometimes, what a buyer is looking for simply isn’t on the market in the region he or she wants to live. One option some individuals turn to when they encounter this problem is to create the home they want by having a custom-built home constructed.

Custom-built homes have been growing in popularity recently. For example, it is estimated that, in 2017, there were 6 percent more custom-built homes constructed than was the case the previous year.

What is a non-recourse loan?

Buying a home or any other piece of real estate is a huge investment for a family or an investor on Long Island. In fact, all but the very wealthiest New York state residents will need to take out some sort of loan to acquire even a modest property. As a result, the vast majority of people will have to take out a mortgage from a bank in order to complete the purchase of a property.

Mortgages are big financial risks both for the borrowers and the financial institutions who provide the funds. For a borrower, they have to make sure that they pay faithfully every time an installment on the loan is due. Otherwise, they may not only lose their property and also face the possibility of getting sued, garnished and the like.

Does the FLSA require breaks?

Workers have many rights under the Fair Labor Standards Act. Does this include rights to breaks at work?

For most types of breaks, the answer is no. The FLSA does not require employers to give general rest breaks. It also doesn’t give employees rights to meal breaks.

Protecting minor workers in New York

Whether a teenager wants or needs to work, it is crucial for them, their parents and their employers to understand the strict rules in place for hiring minors. Not only is there the federal Fair Labor Standards Act in place, but New York has some of the strictest state-level child labor laws in the country.

Below are some basic facts about the rules for hiring child labor in this state

Thinking about lying on your mortgage application? Think again

When it comes to important life events, the line between what is true and what you wish were true can get blurry. For instance, if you want a job, you might overstate your abilities in certain areas on an application; if you're looking to meet a partner online, you might choose an older picture of yourself to use on your profile.

However, when it comes to seeking a loan and buying house, the details you wish were true are irrelevant. In fact, misrepresenting yourself, lying or withhold certain information can lead to criminal allegations of fraud.

What you should know if you work on a holiday

The holiday season is in full swing, and while many people have time off from work and take vacations, that is not the case for everyone. For some people, working on the holidays is unavoidable; for others, working on the holidays is a great way to earn some extra money.

Whether you want to be working or not, you should know the rules when it comes to working on holidays and holiday pay. 

How the #MeToo movement affects the average female worker

The #MeToo movement has been a monumental phenomenon in the last few years. The movement continues to empower women and fight for more workplace protections against sexual harassment. However, the big news stories tend to focus on female professionals in Hollywood or at major media outlets. While these stories are important, we hardly hear how the movement affects the average woman in America.

Are low-wage and middle-class female workers experiencing any of the benefits of the #MeToo movement? Thankfully, there is evidence suggesting the answer is yes. Here are some examples.


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