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The death of a loved one can be a difficult and emotional experience. Beyond the grief and emotional distress there are important matters to consider, such as the handling of the estate.

In most cases, proving a will is a simple matter. However, in cases involving contested wills, things can get a bit more complicated. Either way, it makes good sense to work with an experienced Long Island estate administration attorney.

At the Law Offices of Louis D. Stober, Jr., L.L.C., we have decades of experience helping individuals and families throughout Long Island, Westchester County and all of New York handle probate and estate administration matters.

If the recent death of a family member has prompted the need for an experienced attorney to help you with the estate, contact us today.

The Estate Representation Our Lawyers Provide

Our skilled team of New York probate attorneys can provide you with intelligent advice and skilled representation in regard to a wide range or estate matters, including:

We can help make the probate and estate administration process smooth, quick and efficient, allowing you and your family to concentrate on healing while celebrating the past and looking forward to the future.

We can also help you draft essential estate planning documents like powers of attorney and wills.

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