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Probate Representation That Helps Keep The Business Running

As a business owner, you have devoted many years and hard-earned dollars to your goal of financial success in the marketplace. You know how important it is to make sure your company lands in the right hands after you are no longer in the picture.

At the Law Offices of Louis D. Stober, Jr., L.L.C., in Mineola, New York, our experienced estate assets lawyers provide the facts you need when accurate business valuation is needed for probate proceedings.

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Over 35 Years Of Probate And Estate Administration Experience

For over 35 years, Louis D. Stober, Jr., has helped a broad clientele of individuals, families, businesses and New York union members to achieve favorable outcomes for their legal issues, including estate and business matters. His investigative resources dig deeply for details connected to the valuation of a closely held family business when a relative is in line to inherit it.

Long Island Business Succession Attorneys

Our law firm’s experience, expertise and reputation for results can smoothly guide the business valuation and succession phases of your estate administration — and provide aggressive, effective courtroom advocacy in probate litigation if a will contest arises. Louis D. Stober, Jr., is a skillful Nassau County negotiator who knows the value of consensus when resolving a dispute — and he is a tough litigator who knows how to win.

Affordable Estate And Probate Solutions

Our skilled Mineola law firm offers Long Island high-asset probate clients these quality legal services relating to business succession planning and business asset protection:

  • Verification of the will
  • Partnership and LLC agreements
  • Business asset protection
  • Business inheritance, sale, purchase and dissolution
  • Minimizing business estate taxes
  • Fiduciary services in probate

Louis D. Stober, Jr., is well aware that every privately held business is unique, and that clients have specific needs. He responds with experienced, affordable representation that addresses your long-term goals for business succession after your retirement and death. Our estate administration law offices work hard to ensure that your business will be passed on to the people you want in control of it.

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