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Helping Minors During The Estate Administration Process

If you have minor children, your last will and testament allows you to make decisions about their future care. The need for a valid will could not be more important if you are a single parent in Nassau County or if a child’s parents die in an accident.

If a guardian is not named, the court will appoint a guardian for the child or children, and has the authority to make decisions that could be adverse to a parent’s goals.

Whether you need attention to an established special needs trust, guardianship for a minor or any issue related to care of a child left on his or her own due to special circumstances, contact our Nassau County estate administration attorneys at 877-791-8076, or complete our contact form. We can help.

Don’t leave the fate of your loved ones to strangers. In Mineola, New York, and on Long Island, the estate administration and probate lawyers who recognize the special needs of minor children can be found at the Law Offices of Louis D. Stober, Jr., L.L.C.

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Our respected law firm’s founder Louis D. Stober, Jr., uses the benefits of his more than 35 years of experience to execute guardianships that assign responsibility for care, control and protection of a minor, deciding where he or she will live, as well as authority to consent to medical treatment; responsibility for management of the child’s personal property; and responsibility for any minor who is unable to attend to his or her own care or make financial decisions.

If no one in your Mineola or Long Island family is available to assume guardianship duties, our lawyer can lay out the facts, explain your options and help you to determine other alternatives.

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Louis D. Stober, Jr., can also review your family’s existing special needs trust to ensure that a disabled or mentally challenged minor beneficiary can benefit from use of assets and property. This trust provides personal planning for a minor who may lack mental capacity to handle financial affairs, and can help him or her to avoid losing access to essential government benefits.

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