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Blowing The Whistle On Illegal Employment Practices

No matter how well-organized fraud and illegal conduct may be, inevitably someone with a conscience will get wind of what’s happening and blow the whistle. Because of the risks these brave employees are willing to take to expose wrongdoing, the government — and taxpayers — save millions of dollars each year. This is a tremendous public service to all of us.

Because whistleblowing is often the only way to uncover illegal business practices, illegal safety and environmental violations, and fraudulent overbilling, the government provides protections and financial incentives to whistle blowers. The financial rewards can be great.

However, there are very strict guidelines about how to bring a whistleblower (also called Qui Tam) case forward. If you think you have a case, contact the Law Office of Louis D. Stober, Jr., L.L.C. We represent clients throughout New York State.

Examples Of Whistleblowing Cases

Our attorneys will review your information and advise you on whether you have a strong case. We will help you understand your rights. Federal law protects you in a Qui Tam case:

  • Exposing fraud against a government agency under the federal Civil False Claims Act
  • Reporting unsafe working conditions and OSHA violations
  • Exposing front-runner scams and other wrongdoing in Wall Street brokerage houses
  • Revealing illegal accounting practices in publicly traded companies under the Sarbanes – Oxley Act

Defense Against Employer Retaliation

Federal law protects people like you who stand up for what’s right. Unfortunately, those legal protections are needed because employers will sometimes retaliate against an employee who has exposed their wrongdoing.

The employment lawyers at the Law Office of Louis D. Stober, Jr., L.L.C., have significant experience with employees who have been fired, demoted, unfairly disciplined, discriminated against or harassed by their employer. We’ll stand beside you, protecting your rights and making sure that doing the right thing doesn’t cost you your job and your future.

For more than 35 years, our firm has championed the rights of employees and union members in Long Island, New York City, and beyond.

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