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Defense Against Speeding Tickets

Speeding ticket violations in New York can lead to points on your driver’s license, increased insurance premiums and large fines, especially if you ignore your ticket. Do not let these things happen to you. An experienced traffic violations lawyer can help minimize your consequences and keep you on the road.

At the Law Offices of Louis D. Stober Jr., L.L.C., we have been helping people throughout New York achieve their legal goals for nearly three decades. Contact our traffic ticket defense law firm to discuss your needs with one of our experienced attorneys.

Traffic Offense Lawyers Serving The New York Metro Area

Speeding tickets are one of the main reasons that citizens of New York lose their driver’s license. Many people believe they can put their tickets off, not pay and nothing serious will happen. This is very incorrect. If you fail to pay your tickets, or you accumulate enough points on your driver’s license, it could be taken away from you.

At our Mineola law office, our traffic violation lawyers know what needs to be done to protect your right to drive. We will fight your tickets and protect your interests in court. We know you are busy and we respect your time. If possible, we will handle your case without you ever even having to make a court appearance.

Attorneys Helping You With Your Legal Issues

We are not just your labor law representation and employment law firm. While we represent many union members throughout New York in these issues, we can also help you with your traffic citations. It is critical to retain your driving privileges in order to maintain your job, buy groceries for your family and get your children to school. We will help you in many aspects of your life in order to ensure your rights are protected.

Consult With A Speeding Ticket Attorney In The Long Island Area

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