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If a deceased loved one in your family created a living trust when he or she was alive, you and your relatives will navigate a legal process known as trust administration.

Attorney Louis D. Stober, Jr., founder of the Law Offices of Louis D. Stober, Jr., L.L.C., uses his wealth of experience — over 35 years of it — to establish a course of action for you when a loved one who created a living trust passes away.

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Experienced Trust Management Attorneys

Upon the death of the creator of the living trust, the trustee must take steps similar to those for executors in the administration of wills and estates, especially if the majority of assets are titled in the name of the living trust.

Louis D. Stober, Jr., provides comforting counsel to the trustee, as well as assistance with administrative duties that serves to obtain various benefits and tax planning opportunities put in place by the trust. When a trust is not properly administered, a trustee risks compelling beneficiaries to pay additional amounts in estate taxes.

The Law Offices of Louis D. Stober, Jr., can save you money and promote your peace of mind in a number of useful ways during a trust administration.

Estate, Trust And Probate Lawyer With Over 35 Years Of Experience

Our full-service trust administration law firm offers high-quality, affordable legal services that include:

  • Acting in the capacity of trustee
  • Assisting a trustee to expedite payments of debts, taxes and expenses
  • Processing of distributions to beneficiaries
  • Preparation and filing of trust income tax returns
  • Securing of releases of tax liens
  • Handling trust audits
  • Inventory and safekeeping of property
  • Creation of accountings and reports to beneficiaries
  • Resolving and instituting breach of fiduciary contests through negotiation or litigation
  • Filing of Social Security accountings for special needs trusts

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