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Verdicts And Settlements • Representative Cases

See examples of First Amendment, discrimination, employment law and personal injury cases we have handled. Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.

First Amendment Case

Stober wins $2 million for county violation of Constitutional Rights.

Discrimination Cases

Louis Stober wins $1M for a Former Nassau County employee after political firing: Roberta Miller, the client of Louis Stober and a former Nassau County employee, was awarded $1 million in back pay after a Supreme Court jury found she was laid off in 1992 because she was a Democrat in a Republican administration. This did not include interest, accumulated vacation, sick and personal days or pension credit.
Mr. Stober said of the ruling: “This verdict vindicates Ms. Miller’s fight for justice and proves that when exposed to the bright light of a jury’s impartial scrutiny, decisions based on patronage will not stand.”

Vorwerk v. Brown: Federal sexual discrimination and retaliation suit against the Northport VA Medical Center by a female doctor resulting in a $2,050,000 verdict.

Zimmermann v. Associates First Capital: Federal sexual discrimination and harassment suit by a female vice president resulting in a $1,096,000 verdict, including substantial punitive damages award.

Walia v. Department of Homeland Security: Federal race, national origin, retaliation and religion discrimination suit filed by a Special Agent in the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Settled for hundreds of thousands of dollars, substantial promotion, other benefits and attorneys’ fees. Allegations in the suit involved discriminatory conduct against a Sikh agent, including derogatory comments, physical injury as a result of forced physical exertions not required of other agents, retaliatory transfers and assignment to duties that did not utilize his special skills to retaliate for prior Equal Employment activity.

Berkowitz v. NYC Board of Ed.: Federal Suit by New York City teacher for violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act for actions taken against her after being injured by a student. Alleged that reasonable accommodations had not been made. Settled for a confidential but substantial sum of money plus attorneys fees.

Eisgrau v. OLGA G. MARCUS COSMETICS, INC: Federal age discrimination in Employment Act suit settled for a confidential sum.

Suau v. Floral Park Bellerose UFSD: a Federal Sexual discrimination and Harassment suit brought on behalf of two female employees of the Floral Park Bellerose School District resulting in a settlement of $125,000.

Employment Law Cases

Subcontractor Arbitrations against the County of Nassau alleging that it violated the Collective Bargaining Agreement with the CSEA by contracting out work in bad faith that could have been performed by union members and laying off union members as a result. Cumulative total of the decisions: $1,100,000 in back pay to the affected members of CSEA.

Adamo et al v. County of Nassau: a Fair Labor Standards Act lawsuit brought on behalf of 980 CSEA members against the County alleging that the County violated the FLSA by deferring overtime payments for the plaintiffs: settled for $650,000 and attorneys’ fees.

CSEA and Caruso et al v. County of Nassau: suit brought on behalf of six Correctional Center physicians and dentists to confirm an arbitrator’s award holding that the County violated their rights to salary and benefits under the Collective Bargaining Agreement: settled for $350,000.

Dellaquilla v. County of Nassau: disciplinary arbitration decision vindicating a Correction Officer wrongfully terminated: Back pay in the amount of $300,000.

CSEA and Delardi v. County of Nassau: decision reinstating Correction Center cook with full back pay, lost overtime payments and benefits worth over $200,000.

CSEA and Victor v. County of Nassau: decision reinstating Park Ranger with full back pay, benefits worth over $60,000.

CSEA and Kostanoski v. NHCC: decision reinstating Superintendent of Buildings with back pay, lost overtime and benefits worth over $100,000.

CSEA (CA 64-01) v. County of Nassau: arbitrator finds County method of calculating salaries for promoted employees violates CBA, retroactive relief to January 2001. Approximate worth: more than $3,000,000.

Weitzenberg et al v. County of Nassau et al: 7 of 8 Plaintiffs have settled bad faith layoff claims for a sum in excess of $225,000.

Baker et al v. County of Nassau et al: 5 Plaintiffs settled bad faith layoff claims for a sum of $323,966.

CSEA and Cardona v. NHCC: decision reinstating employee improperly terminated with back pay and benefits worth over $150,000.

Thorsen v. Nassau County Civil Service Commission: New York state Appellate Division confirmed arbitrary and capricious acts of Nassau Civil Service Commission in disqualifying Thorsen from the position of Director of Probation. Commission ordered to process Thorsen’s application for director.

Tosner v. Town of Hempstead, et al: Class action granted against town of Hempstead for employees classified as part time, but working full time hours.

CSEA v. Plainedge Union Free School District: Class Action suit brought against School District for violation of the vacation leave clause of the collective bargaining agreement resulting in judgment in excess of $100,000 and re-crediting of hundreds of hours of vacation time to secretarial unit of major Long Island union.

Hild et al v. Hicksville Union Free School District: Class Action suit brought on behalf of teacher aides of the school district who had been compelled to work out of title as teaching assistants without increase in pay. Settled on eve of trial for $250,000 plus retroactive promotion of all members of the class to the position of teaching assistant.

Uniformed Fire Fighters Association v. City of Long Beach: $500,000+ judgment against City of Long Beach confirming arbitrator’s award for improper termination of employment of union president’s position as lieutenant. Employee also ordered reinstated.

CSEA and Tagufa v. NHCC: Employee’s termination for working a second job while on workers compensation rescinded with full back pay.

Personal Injury Cases

Borger v. Estate of Fielding: Personal injury suit brought by a pedestrian struck by motorist. Plaintiff sustained numerous leg and hip fractures, required the permanent insertion of a rod into his femur, required hospitalization in excess of two months and resulted in the substantial shortening of Mr. Borger’s left leg. As a result of the defendant’s actions and the injuries sustained by the plaintiff, plaintiff received a structured settlement, the value of which exceeds half a million dollars.

McCloskey v. Hertz: wrongful death and personal injury suit by estate of off-duty New York City police officer resulting in a settlement.

Stober v. Getty Petroleum Corp.: wrongful death and personal injury suit as a result of an explosion caused by leaking gasoline from gas station tanks into groundwater leading to residences nearby. Million dollar combined verdicts awarded to the plaintiffs, upheld by Appellate Division and Court of Appeals.

Simon v. Comsewogue Union Free School District: personal injury suit against school district and bus company for special needs child injured in fall in school bus leading to damaged nerves in face. Structured settlement.

Marek v. Lemon Tree: confidential settlement for injuries sustained when chair broke while client getting hair cut.

Moore v. Randolph et al: Settlement for 16-year-old boy on bicycle struck by vehicle.

Giacini v. Garden City et al: confidential settlement for injuries sustained by first-grade child injured in a school picnic on Village property when run over by another child on a bicycle.

Newbill v. (confidential defendant): sanitation worker struck by motorist while riding on side of sanitation truck settled for a sum that ensured that workers’ compensation wasn’t the only source of remuneration for his injuries.

Weinstein v. Great American Drug Store: Settlement reached for injuries sustained when soda display fell on client.

Oliveri v. Costco: Confidential settlement for slip and fall on food in Costco store on Long Island.