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Defending Employees Accused Of Noncompete Agreement Violations

Noncompete agreements are standard practice when hiring key executive employees and sales staff who will have access to sensitive information. They protect the employer’s vital business information and present a barrier to unfair competition should the employee leave.

Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for noncompete agreements to be overly restrictive, making it difficult for an employee to find work without violating the noncompete agreement in some way.

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Common Problems With Noncompete Agreements

While employment laws do acknowledge the very real interests of employers in protecting their trade secrets, business practices and customer lists, they do not give employers the right to unfair limit a person’s future employment.

The court will examine:

  • Whether the noncompete agreement specified “reasonable” limitations in terms of time (how long after you quit can you work in a similar field) and geography (how far away must you be in order to work in this field).
  • The employers’ claims about whether a customer list or a trade secret was really secret.

The Cost Of Violating A Noncompete Agreement

If the court finds that there has been a violation of the noncompete agreement, it may issue a cease and desist order, forcing the former employee to stop his or her employment. The law allows companies to sue for lost opportunity, lost profits, and punitive damages and there are no financial limits on the amount of damages an employer can claim.

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