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What risks do independent contractors face?

On Behalf of | Jun 28, 2017 | Firm News, Wage & Hour Laws

As an independent contractor in New York, you have both benefits and drawbacks to your position. At the Law Offices of Louis D. Strober, JR., we work to provide you with information and facts that you can use to help prepare yourself for, and prevent, the more severe risks and downsides to contracting.

When working as an independent contractor, there are a number of protections you won’t have that you likely would have if you were a more traditional employee. For example, you likely won’t have health insurance or access to any of the benefits that employees of the company you’re contracted to may have. This can be a big downside to many, especially if you rely on benefits to make up for slow work periods, or if you’re new to working as a contractor.

Another big risk is the possibility that your contractor might not uphold the contract that the two of you formed. While you may contract with someone via oral agreement, it’s generally suggested that you get the contract down in written form as well. This way, if anything is contested in the future, you’ll have solid evidence regarding the terms of the agreement.

As you can see, independent contractors face a number of hurdles which can make your work difficult in spite of the many benefits that come from this unique position. If you’d like to read more about how to protect your rights as an independent contractor so you don’t get left high and dry by an employer, you can check out our web page where more information is available.