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Real estate transactions made easier due to virtual tours

On Behalf of | Sep 28, 2017 | Firm News, Real Estate Transactions

These days, the process of shopping for a house in New York is as easy as the click of a mouse. Thanks to virtual home tours, more homebuyers are able to take part in real estate transactions without ever setting foot in the homes they are interested in buying. Some websites now feature three-dimensional models of homes that are available for sale.

With these models, homebuyers can simply zoom in to see the quality of the fixtures and finishes in a for-sale residence. Likewise, they can essentially walk through the property virtually and see the detailing in various parts of the house and even see what type of toilet, stove or refrigerator is present. Offering these 360-degree tours is essentially elevating the process of presenting real estate listings.

With modern technology, it is expected that these types of virtual tours will become even more commonplace over time, as producing such tours is becoming less costly. The benefit of such technology is that homebuyers do not have to waste their time going to see a house they would not like. In many cases, thanks to virtual tours, the homebuyer’s physical visit to the for-sale home has become more like a second showing.

No matter how much technology becomes available to aid in the home buying process, navigating real estate transactions can still be tricky. Unfortunately, failure to understand the law and thus making a mistake may end up costing a homebuyer financially and time wise. An attorney in New York can help with each stage of the process to make sure that a personally beneficial and fair deal is executed.

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