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Proper home staging may benefit real estate transactions

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2018 | Firm News, Real Estate Transactions

When it comes to selling a home, sellers in New York have been told time and time again that buyers do not want to tour a house that is empty. This is why staging is such an important part of the process of completing residential real estate transactions. However, home staging can be detrimental if not done right.

A common mistake made with staging is overdesigning a space. This includes, for example, covering every part of the home and thus overwhelming the buyer when he or she walks in the door. Keeping things simple with textiles that add softness, furnishings and some décor is best.

Another staging mistake is displaying fake items in the home. For instance, sellers may be tempted to display fake computers, TV screens, food, flowers and plants. Whenever buyers see fake items, this serves as a reminder to them that the home is not theirs, and they may naturally feel that buying such a home is not possible.

Some sellers also make the mistake of not staging their homes to scale. For instance, for those with large family rooms that have vaulted ceilings may not want to keep small ottoman coffee tables or low-backed sofas in these rooms. Accessories and furniture should ideally match a room in terms of both proportion and scale.

Selling a home in New York can be a major stressor, much like purchasing residential real estate. However, an attorney can provide the guidance necessary to complete these residential real estate transactions efficiently. The attorney’s ultimate goal is to make sure that the buyer’s or seller’s objectives are achieved no matter how complex or simple a deal may seem.

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