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Remodeling may not be necessary before real estate transactions

On Behalf of | Apr 12, 2018 | Firm News, Real Estate Transactions

One of the toughest parts of getting ready to sell a home in New York is trying to figure out how much remodeling is truly necessary before putting the home on the market. After all, any repairs or renovations made will eat into the sellers’ profits from the residential real estate transactions. Here is a rundown of things to avoid fixing when preparing to sell a house.

First, addressing cosmetic damage is generally unnecessary before selling a home. Examples of this type of damage include peeling paint and scuffed floors. These types of damage do not interfere with the home’s function. Although they can certainly make the home appear to be run down, keen buyers realize the importance of looking beyond the surface.

Second, updating bathrooms and kitchens is generally unnecessary. The truth is that many buyers today are excited about having the opportunity to remodel these parts of the home to make them fit their own styles. Because buyers have varying ideas regarding what their perfect kitchens or bathrooms look like, remodeling these rooms ahead of time can be a major risk.

Selling a home can certainly be stressful due to the many moving parts associated with residential real estate transactions. These parts involve not only marketing the home but also tackling the financial and legal sides of a deal. An attorney in New York can offer guidance on the legal side to ensure that a seller’s best interests are protected, so that he or she leaves the closing table in the best financial situation possible, given the circumstances surrounding the deal.

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