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Buyer may engage in real estate transactions ahead of competition

On Behalf of | Jul 19, 2018 | Firm News, Real Estate Transactions

Purchasing a house in New York is very much like participating in a race. After a listing is live, buyers must quickly check it out and submit their offers for it as soon as possible, which can be challenging in a competitive housing market. Here are a few tips for engaging in real estate transactions involving homes that have not even hit the market officially yet.

First, it may make sense to ask a real estate agent about the listings he or she is attempting to get. The mistake that many aspiring homebuyers make is that they ask only about current home listings. The reality is that the real estate agent may be in the process of trying to get sellers to sign on with him or her and could give potential buyers the heads-up about these sellers’ homes.

Another potentially helpful move is to visit parenting groups to find out who may be trying to sell their homes. After all, parents are in what are known as transitional periods — they may have newborns, they might be anticipating a new arrival or they may have young ones heading to school soon. Either way, they may very well be ready to relocate to new homes as they prepare for the next stages of their lives.

Buying a home can certainly be both daunting and thrilling. However, finding a home for sale is only half  the battle. Understanding the purchase agreement is the other part. Fortunately, an attorney in New York can help buyers to navigate their residential real estate transactions in the most informed and confident manner possible so that their best interests are protected from the moment they sign on the dotted line to the moment they officially close on their dream homes.