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Resolving boundary issues

On Behalf of | Sep 27, 2018 | Firm News, Real Estate Transactions

There are countless details that go into the decision to buy a new home. Prospective buyers consider everything from square footage and location to taxes and layout. With so much to think about, it can be easy to overlook certain elements, particularly when they don’t seem like a pressing issue.

For instance, when you buy a home, you may not think about the accuracy of property boundaries. You might see a fence or other object between one property and the next and assume that’s the boundary. However, this can be a costly assumption and complex real estate issue.

Why boundaries matter

Often, property lines and boundaries come into question when someone wants to build, tear down or otherwise change something about the property. The right to do anything can come down to who actually owns the property.

Boundaries can also become a point of contention if someone is injured and the owner of the property where the injury occurred is responsible. Selling and accessing property can trigger boundary disputes, as well.

In these and similar situations, defining property lines accurately will be crucial.

Resolving boundary disputes

Whether you are looking to buy property or you already own a home and have questions about boundaries, you can resolve these matters in a few different ways. As this FindLaw article suggests, you might:

  • Hire someone to conduct an official property survey
  • File a quiet title lawsuit to have a judge decided the boundary lines
  • Mutually agree to a property line as neighbors and then filing the appropriate paperwork
  • Pursue an easement which would allow you to use or access property that may be over a property line

These and other legal remedies can help neighbors and potential buyers better understand property boundaries to prevent or resolve disputes.

The importance of legal guidance

It can be difficult to navigate these real estate matters yourself; more often than not, neighbors wind up mad at each other while they try to assess the situation.

To resolve boundary issues, homeowners and others with questions about property lines can consult an attorney experienced in resolving real estate disputes.