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Was Your Child Injured On An Unsafe Playground? Our Personal Injury Attorneys Can Help.

The neighborhood playground is often the center of social life for a young person. The playground and the school yard are where a child spends most of his waking hours away from home.

The playground is also the location for many childhood injuries. Usually these injuries are the result of unavoidable accidents on the child’s part, but sometimes playground injuries are the result of negligence or unsafe equipment. When that is the case, it’s possible to seek financial compensation for your child’s injuries.

When defective equipment has caused a serious injury to a child, it’s equally important to see that dangerous conditions on the playground are remedied. While it may be expensive to maintain property and equipment properly, it’s essential to the well being of thousands of children. If city maintenance staff will not take the problems seriously, a personal injury case may drive home the fact that dangerous conditions cannot be ignored.

Helping You Recover When Your Child Is Injured

There are two major differences in New York premises liability law regarding injuries on a playground, school grounds or any other government-owned property:

  • There is a much shorter statute of limitations for premises liability cases on government property, and
  • Before you file your lawsuit, you must notify the city that you will be filing a claim. You must do that within the first 90 days following an injury.

Act Promptly To Preserve Your Right To Recovery

If you think lack of supervision or hazardous conditions on a municipal or school playground played a role in your child’s injury, talk with a lawyer who has experiencing handling these types of cases. At the Law offices of Louise D. Stober, Jr., L.L.C., our injury attorneys have been helping injured people get financial compensation for more than 20 years.

Contact our Mineola law office to schedule a free consultation. A lawyer will explain whether a premises liability claim applies to your situation, and how to move forward with a case for maintenance or security failures. Call 877-791-8076 to arrange a free consultation.

It is our goal to see that every client at our firm recovers full and fair compensation for his or her loss.