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Long Island Personal Injury Attorneys For Victims Of Boating Accidents

New York State abounds with opportunities for recreational boating. But every year hundreds of people suffer serious injuries or drowned as the result of negligence on the part of other boaters. Drunk jet ski drivers, inattentive speedboat drivers, negligent fishing boat captains — these are the people responsible for the majority of boating injuries.

Another type of boating accident involves cruise ships anchored along the piers in Manhattan before setting course for Canada, the Bahamas, or the Virgin Islands. The most common injuries people suffer on a cruise are falls while onboard or while disembarking down the gangplank.

Who Pays For Boating Accident Injuries?

Many people think that they can’t get money for injuries they’ve suffered in a boating accident. That is not the case. There may be several sources of compensation available to pay for your medical bills and lost wages. Before you give up, talk with an injury lawyer at the Law offices of Louise D. Stober, Jr., L.L.C. Contact our Mineola office to schedule a free consultation.

We are experienced in identifying potential sources of compensation:

  • Our personal injury attorneys will investigate whether the boater had homeowner insurance covering the boat.
  • Your own health insurance can also pay for medical care.
  • And a civil suit can also be brought against the boat captain’s personal assets.

If the jet ski or ski boat accident resulted from defective equipment or an unsafe design of the boat, we may be able to seek compensation from the manufacturer in a product defect case.

Cruise Ship Accidents

International or national cruise liner accident cases are handled in a different manner than local fishing excursions or sailing ships. Before boarding, passengers on a cruise ship sign an agreement to have their case heard in a court of the ship’s choosing. Most often the case will be heard in a Florida court.

This does not necessarily mean you must travel to Florida. The boating accident attorneys at the Law offices of Louise D. Stober, Jr., L.L.C., can serve as your local counsel, working in association with an attorney in Florida.

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Before you accept any settlement, make sure you understand your rights and are receiving fair compensation. Talk with an experienced attorney at the Law Offices of Louis D. Stober, Jr., L.L.C., at 877-791-8076 or email us to schedule a free consultation.

It is our goal to see that every client recovers full and fair compensation for his or her injuries in personal watercraft accidents.