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New York Lawyers Representing Firefighters In Employment Disputes

Recent cases have made 207A benefits more complicated. Whereas New York firefighters used to be able to petition for 207A payments after being injured in any type of obligation while on the job, new rulings now require that the injury occurred in the line of duty.

Despite the new law, our employment law attorneys at the Law Offices of Louis D. Stober, Jr., L.L.C., have continued to successfully fight for clients’ rights to 207A benefits. We understand the evidence that will be necessary to overturn a denial of your 207A benefits after you have been injured in the line of duty.

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General Municipal Law 207A For Firefighters

Benefits under the General Municipal Law 207A provide pay equal to your current salary when you are injured while performing the duties of your job. That means that after an injury, the municipality employing you is required to pay out benefits that allow you to earn the value of your salary had you not been injured. The problem is that many municipalities do not want to pay out this money.

While all municipalities have different processes to request recovery under 207A, an administrative judge will ultimately decide whether to grant or deny your petition for 207 benefits. If denied, our skilled lawyers will assist you in fighting the denial by bringing a lawsuit under Article 78 in a New York court.

On top of our years of experience, we have previously had success in these types of claims, including recent victory for a local firefighter who injured his knee when traveling down a station fire pole. In the initial hearings, the client’s request for 207A benefits was denied but we were able to secure benefits by aggressively fighting the denial.

Fighting For Your Rights After An Injury

If we are able to obtain 207A or C benefits, it may also be necessary to fight the police or fire department’s attempt to get you out of work on full disability because of the different amount required to be paid by the municipality. We can bring a hearing before the administrative law judge to challenge a disability requirement finding or to request disability retirement if warranted by your injuries.

We handle all issues surrounding General Municipal Law 207A for firefighters, as well as police officers and other law enforcement personnel. When you work with our knowledgeable employment attorneys, you will receive solid legal representation.

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