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New York Lawyers For Police Officers In Employment Disputes

Police officers and other law enforcement officers who are injured while in the line of duty are entitled to compensation from their local municipality. New York police officers are entitled to the full amount of salary after an on-the-job injury. If you are granted disability retirement, the municipality must pay for the difference between the disability payments and your regular salary under General Municipal Law 207C, workers’ compensation benefits.

The problem is that municipalities refuse to pay the amount they owe by challenging the benefit request through the administrative process. At the Law Offices of Louis Stober, Jr., L.L.C., we fight for officers who are deserving of these important benefits. After a denial of 207C municipality benefits, contact us to schedule a consultation with an experienced Nassau employment law attorney.

Compensation For Injuries Sustained In The Line Of Duty

Police officers are not the only group eligible for 207C benefits. Correction officers, deputy sheriffs, probation officers and others working in law enforcement may also qualify for 207C salary benefits if injured while working on the job.

Similar to workers’ compensation claims, 207C benefits may be denied or approved by a local administrative agency. When an officer is denied benefits by an administrative judge, we can help you appeal the denial and fight for your benefits. An administrative judge’s ruling can be overturned by challenging the denial as arbitrary and capricious. We have fought against denials for the following reasons alleged by the municipality:

  • Not working on the job when injured
  • Injury not severe enough to warrant disability or 207C benefits
  • Not injured while in the “line of duty”

Municipalities may argue that you are not entitled to benefits because even though you were on duty, the injury did not occur because of the dangerous nature of the job. We have success in fighting 207C benefits denials for police officers and other law enforcement officers, including the case Balcerak v. County of Nassau , where we fought and won for 207C benefits. The firm also handles General Municipal Law 207A benefit denials for firefighters in New York.

Experienced And Results-Orientated Employment Attorneys

With more than 35 years of experience fighting for the rights of injured New York clients, we have yielded significant successes in the area of Municipal Law and 207A and C compensation benefits. Our law firm is widely recognized throughout the legal community for its upstanding reputation and commitment to employees’ rights.

When you believe that you were wrongly denied compensation from your municipality after an injury on the job, complete our contact form or call 877-791-8076. We quickly respond to our clients and make an active effort to answer your questions and keep you informed on the progress of your case.